As a business owner, you’ll have to make sure that all the personalities in your office work well together. When everyone has a role in your firm, your business can run efficiently. Here are five magical characters in the corporate world that should be part of your business if you want it to work properly.

The Helper

The helper is someone who is always there to help others with challenges. This person is always useful on a project, as they can provide support to everyone.

The Leader

The leader is the person who naturally takes charge of tasks and is usually the first person coming up with ideas. This person is usually charismatic. If you are lucky, you have some leaders in your company. The challenge with these employees is that there may be others with good ideas who sit back and let the leaders take charge.

The Gossip

The gossip in your company can be both beneficial and negative for your business. This person is likely to find out as much as they can about others, which can be bad for interpersonal relations, but they can also identify problems before you would find them out from other sources.

The Wonk

This employee is the person who is always following proper procedures and makes sure that everyone is following policy. This person can help you keep order. This person might even come in the form of someone who consults for your company at a show. These sorts of entertainers are called Traffic Stoppers.

The Quiet One

The quiet one in your company is someone you want to pay attention to. They sometimes have the best ideas but are reluctant to share. Be sure to check with this kind of employee to get their opinion.

If you have some of these magical characters in your business, chances are that your business is going to work very well. Keep an eye on your employees so that you can identify all of their strengths; your business will be better for it.